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You know the expression be careful of what you wish for? Well it's exactly happened to me. My dream as a 14-year-old kid was “I want to own an Ice Cream Shop.” I also hoped to someday get married and have a baby. All those wishes came true in 2006, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. A big thank you to my wonderful husband who pushed me toward my dreams all at once. If it were not for him I wouldn’t have taken such a deep plunge.

Our friends and family thought we were crazy. I remember the day I showed my parents the store. My Dad said “Your going to need a bulldozer.” That’s right, the store looked like a shack, but I was so happy I looked past it and saw great potential, so did my husband for that matter. All winter of 2006 the inside was gutted and outside was restored. I wanted customers to be in a happy, warm and inviting place and that is just what we did.

When you walk through the doors you instantly smell fresh hot waffles baking. Your eyes light up like a child searching among the 42 flavors of your favorite ice cream. We offer candy, candy, candy galore, huge hand-dipped candy apples, chocolates, cookies, pies, brownies and fresh filled cannolis. This is what Summer is all about – sweets, lots of them. It's about being down at the shore indulging in your favorite past time dessert on a warm, sweet summer night.

Welcome to my dream come true, welcome to SUMMER SWEETS.